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Krutt Reload Swiss RS 50 - 1,0kg Rifle

Produktnummer: 541006

inkl. mva.

RS50 is a universally useable .308 Win. propellant. It is extreme ly benign and therefore ideal for use in many popular, medium-bore hunting calibres.

Standard calibres
.308 Win.
.375 H&H Mag.
7 mm - 08 Rem.
8 x 57 IS
9.3 x 64 Brenneke

Powder type
RS50 is an extruded, single-based propellant powder based on nitrocellulose. The surface is coated with camphor. This results in balanced temperature behaviour with moderate pressure at high temperatures.

Verification tolerances
Batch-to-batch tolerance:
v5 ±12 m/s
pmax ±250 bar

Key characteristics
Heat of explosion approx. 3,750 J/g
Bulk density approx. 950 g/l
Grain diameter approx. 0.75 mm
Grain length approx. 1.0 mm